A European roadmap focused on the digital transition of Cultural Heritage

2 Mar 2023 | Digitization, Heritage

From the framework of the Institutional Chair of Digital Cultural Heritage, we are working on a proposal to participate in the call for Interconnected Innovation Ecosystems.

The objective of the proposal is the establishment of a roadmap for the digital transition of heritage, i.e. a timeline that will address the main challenges in issues such as research, innovation and business development at a European interregional level.

The project will follow a working methodology based on the quadruple helix model, which seeks to create an innovation ecosystem and generate new shared value that benefits civil society, private initiative, academia and the public sector.

Thus, we will start from four different axes of analysis:

– we will address the issue of the resources needed from the different stakeholders in the region.

– the coordination and implementation of the whole process that will lead to the constitution of the innovation ecosystem.

– the readiness for consensus and compromise among the actors involved.

– the existence of strategic options and clear visions for the future of the innovation ecosystem.

This innovation ecosystem will be made up of a group of local actors and dynamic processes to seek solutions to the different challenges we face in this area.

Specifically, CRUSOE in collaboration with the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN); the consortium for investment attraction of the Emilia-Romagna region (Art-ER) in Italy; the University of Jena in Thuringia (Germany); and EurA-AG, a provider and assistant to the European Commission and Council of Europe specialized in financing.