Juan Castro interviews Javier Martínez about AI and its applications in digital cultural heritage

20 Dec 2023 | News

Video interview of Juan Castro, scientific director of the Institutional Chair in Digital Cultural Heritage promoted by the Xunta, CRUSOE and NTT Data, to Javier Martínez, director of AI at NTT Data, about the current and future applications, challenges and challenges of AI in the world of heritage.

Martinez, whose area of expertise is focused on machine learning and machine learning architectures, holds a degree and PhD in Mathematics, is a full professor at the University of Vigo and has more than 70 articles on AI published in scientific journals. All this, after having been CEO for two years of a technology company developing solutions based on artificial intelligence.

Photography and production by Lidya Queiruga (IG: @lidyaqueiruga).
Editing and production by Xavi Gantes (IG: @xavigantesphoto).