Master’s students attend an interactive session on digital technologies applied to Cultural Heritage

29 Feb 2024 | History

Throughout the first semester of teaching, the Interuniversity Master in Digital Cultural Heritage has developed several practical and interactive sessions taught by professionals from different areas. One of them, held on December 14 and 15 at the Faculty of Geography and History, was aimed at approaching digital technologies for research and transfer of Cultural Heritage.

Miguel Calvo, CEO of the Galician company Xercode, was in charge of the virtualization session, which lasted four hours and was spread over two days. This activity allowed the students of the degree to delve into the practical perspective that the heritage content is taking from the point of view of the new digital worlds.

Thus, at the heart of the research, the students worked with technologies oriented to digital mapping and, subsequently, to the forms of enjoyment and monetization, from the transfer to the application of content. Its development was part of the first semester compulsory subject ‘Technologies applied to Heritage’.

Tecnologías digitales aplicadas al Patrimonio Cultura

Sesión interactiva de tecnologías digitales